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Verb Collocations – Part V

Verb collocations using “to come” Come here right now! Can you come over tonight? When I came to the end of the book, I decided to read it again. This

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Verb Collocations – Part IV

Verb collocations using “to take” What a beautiful painting. I am going to take it home. I take a bath every night before I go to bed. It’s raining. Let’s

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Verb Collocations – Part III

Examples of verb collocations using “to get”. Get out of here! Get going. Get him back good! I can’t pay for everything. Get a job. I want to get married

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Verb Collocations – Part I

We use collocations often.  These phrases are not literal, they are figurative.  Collocations are sets of words that naturally go together in a language after years of language evolution. We

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